They say that preparation is the single most important element of any job, especially so with paintwork on a vehicle.  If we had a penny – well maybe a pound for every time we are asked if we can ‘just do a quick paint job’ how rich would we be?  The problem is that firstly we will not let a job leave our premises that we are not happy with and secondly it is just not possible to do a paint job quickly and without the right preparation.

The process of spraying a car a different colour is one that many people can`t imagine would take too much time; after all, it`s just a case of spraying it isn`t it? Well, frankly, no, there is so much more to it than that. Even if it doesn`t look like there is any work to be done on the body, there are often numerous tiny details to put right and a load of preparation to be done before any painting can be done.


The Process of Re-Painting your Car

We like to take old paint completely off usually using our blaster to get a good clean finish, with a bit of texture so that the etch can key well into it.  Once the paint is off we can then and only then give you a real idea of any work that needs to be done, sadly holes appear and chunks of ‘bodge’ fall out along with a multitude of other things!


We make good any metalwork that has become compromised – welding, panel beating and treating to delay rusting, then we will panel beat, skim fill and flat back, repeating this process using finer and finer filler and sanding discs until the surface is perfect and as smooth as it can be – all of this is done mainly by hand. This is a real skill and it is this process that ensures the final product is as good as it can be – and is the invisible part of the job!


Only now can priming, painting and polishing take place – and though skilled this is, in many ways it is ‘the easy bit’.” A lot of people ask us if we do powder coating – no we don’t but we do use durable 2 pack paint which, unlike powder coating can be easily removed if there is a problem with the metal surface.


Please be aware that if you ask for a ‘quick paint job’ but you want something that will be a credit to your classic, you will be pleased to see that it takes time, energy, patience and above all skill to get the perfect finish and a really decent job.


Here at RBW we pride ourselves in providing an excellent service with outstanding results for all or part of your classic car restoration. So, if you are looking for a professional paint finish for your classic car, which will wow passers-by and make you proud to be driving around, get in touch with us today.

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