Chassis and Body Straightening

Body StraighteningChassis straighteningAre you concerned that your car may have have been involved in an accident in the past? If so this may have compromised the chassis, and as the main strength of a car comes from its chassis, this cuold be or become a problem for you. Or maybe your classic car is looking and feeling a little old and you think that it could do with a little TLC, ironing out those wrinkles. Using our jig we can check the chassis and if required, we can carry out the repairs necessary to restore it to its correct shape and strength. Our chassis and body striaghtening service is done entirely in-house and by our team of passionate, enthusiastic and skilled experts.

Our Car-o-liner jig can be used to enable us to accurately measure body and chassis to then straighten out any damage as a result of accidents or just old age. We use specialist tools to ensure that your strightening work is done correctly, building strength and not reducing it. All of the measurements are made in accordance with the original manufacturers specifications, and we are happy to put any (older) car onto the jig to give you peace of mind that all is right with your car. We charge a one off fee for use of the jig plus hourly charges for any chassis and body straightening work that is required.

If you think that your car might have had an accident in the past that you did or didn`t know about, or you just want peace of mind, get in touch with us here at the workshop to discuss what we can do for you.