Classic Car Restoration

Classic car restorationRestoring Classic Cars is what we do. We aim to give a high-quality restoration service, and whilst we do not claim to provide concourse winners, several vehicles restored by us have won very many prizes. Concourse we can do but the outcome will depend on the amount of time and therefore cost put into the restoration.

As classic car fans ourselves, we understand that everyone has different requirements and budgets in their restoration project – and we aim to work with you. We often ‘dip in and out’ of projects with customers either coming to work with us or vehicles ‘going home’ for enthusiasts to do the bits they can or want to do.

We aim to work to your budget –  but remember that sometimes surprises are uncovered. We are happy for you to visit us during the process and discuss how you want to take the restoration, giving you options from choice of colours, to changing from or to left or right hand drive, to removing rubber bumpers, for example.

Nuts and bolts restoration

Our nuts and bolts restoration service is just that – we work with you to take every nut and bolt out and replace it with new. The car is totally stripped back to bare metal, and depending on what you want, either new parts can be fitted or old ones refurbished. Our aim is to give you back your classic car, fully restored to be probably better than when it originally left the factory!

Classic car paintingRespray

For a respray, we paint the outside of the car, although the doors, boot and bonnet are removed, they are refitted to be the same as the car came in. We will make them fit as well as they can but re-gapping is a longer and more complex task.


We can wax the underside of your car for protection. This involves masking up the entire car, cocooning it so that wax does not get anywhere that it should not.  The wheels are removed and the entire underside of the vehicle is sprayed with wax, we do recommend that this is repeated annually especially if you enjoy driving in rain or when the roads have been salted.

Under bonnet respray

We can completely respray under your bonnet. Depending on your budget, we can either mask up the engine and respray, or completely remove the engine then respray – giving a more thorough and generally better end result.

WheeelsWheel refurbishment

We welcome wheels! We are happy to blast clean, etch, repair and paint your wheels. Our aim is to do a good job at a fair price, but please be aware that spoked wheels cost considerably more to refurbish as the spokes are very thin so a lot of the media misses them.

We love a challenge and as classic car enthusiasts, welcome new classic car restoration projects to get our teeth into. If you have a classic car that needs part or full restoration, get in touch with us today.