Mechanical Services

The stripping down and rebuilding of cars make up a significant part of the restoration process. Unless we are specifically asked not to, we replace parts such as nuts, bolts, and washers, based on the theory that whilst the mechanism of the car is apart, it`s worth replacing these items.  These cars have often been worked on by keen well-meaning enthusiasts – which can be a challenge when trying to get them working reliably and please also remember that we are usually working with 1950 – 1970’s technology which is just that!

Classic car restorationSoda blastingThis means that your restored car will drive very differently to your new modern car. You will probably need to get used to using a choke, no power steering or the odd rattle, for example. Ah,the joys of ‘real driving’! On the positive side, however, many people enjoy these old cars because they can do their own mechanical work – so much more rewarding than plugging a new part in and resetting the computer! We see many cross generation projects with skills being passed through families, building bonds and strengthening relationships.

Sometimes, it gets to the stage when a little expert help is needed, and that`s where our mechanical services come in.

Our mechanical team are headed by our expert Routes Group mechanic who is passing his knowledge to our younger mechanics all of whom have older cars themselves and are passionate about these vehicles, and our intention is to keep passing on this knowledge and training so that these techniques will never be lost – just like the cross generation  projects which often come with classic cars.

If your classic car needs some mechanical work carrying out, we’re the people for you. So whatever problem you may have – be it large or small, get in touch with us today.