Paintshop & Bodywork

Sand blastingRightly or wrongly your car and your care for your car will be judged on how it looks. Memories though are strange things and in the world of classic cars that is also true. The reality is that restored cars are rightly required to be straight, rust free and have perfect door gaps – all achievable at a cost but almost certainly not as the cars arrived with their first owners ‘new’ from the production line. Getting this standard can involve a considerable amount of time and therefore budget which is not always realistic. We are happy to discuss with you to prioritise work that needs to be done to preserve the vehicle whilst you have fun in it and save for the next installment.

With some particularly where new models were being introduced strange hybrids occurred where parts from older models were put onto newer cars and visa versa. Our customers generally want their car restored to original which can be quite a challenge unpicking the ‘correct’ from the ‘incorrect’ as determined by the present day purists!


Classic car paintingWe offer a comprehensive classic car body painting service in our Rustybug paintshop. Our painters take great pride in ensuring the finish on the body is spot on before painting and final polishing, ensuring that the final outcome is blemish free and as near to perfect as possible. We use two pack paint which allows us to get original colours, and is the final glory of the vehicle. Meticulous attention to preparation of the bodywork before painting is key to the success of the final job.  Our paintwork is guaranteed for a year after the vehicle leaves our workshop.


Our skilled welders and body work specialists can repair most damage to classic bodies – be they steel or fibre glass. With years of experience in classic car bodywork repair, we know how to get the body gaps as close as possible to perfect – usually far better than when most vehicles originally let the manufacturer.  From dents and bumps to full body rebuild we are your one stop shop, working to your budget we repair or replace body panels – be aware though that even new panels usually require considerable work to make them fit!  We do use filler but only to ensure the final shape is as good as it can be, for exceptional vehicles we will lead fill if required.

IMG_20160212_1333311-Copy-1024x768For our welding we use the best welding gas from the local company Dixons of Westerhope Limited.

Please be aware when considering having bodywork undertaken that it can take a considerable length of time to do and do properly we make no claims to be quick just correct! Everyone wants to take their car off the road in October and back on in April this may well not be realistic!

We love to see our classic cars leaving the workshop looking like new, so if you have car looking for a new lease of life, needing a paint job from our paintshop, or some body work carrying out, get in touch with us today.